We are an organizer and maintainer of hackathons that expose attendees to hardware and programming techniques that support application performance with experienced technical team collaboration, knowledge transfer and mentorship. Our sponsors are critical in providing an environment that is advantageous for attendees. We work directly with our sponsors to develop progressive approaches to the hackathon experience in order to provide a successful outcome for each attendee.

Please reach out if you are interested in sponsoring a project to partners@oshackathon.org

Our Partners

SPONSOr Guidelines

In an effort to mitigate misappropriations at our hackathon events, we provide clear behavioral guidelines for our attendees, mentors and sponsors:

A hackathon is not a commercial space.

A hackathon is not a career fair.

A hackathon is not exclusive and/or prohibitive.

In an effort to stimulate appropriate behavior at our hackathon events, we provide clear guidelines:

A hackathon is an educational space.

A hackathon is a networking event.

A hackathon is inclusive and supportive.

Please understand, sponsor guidelines are to be followed and any violation of these guidelines may result in the dissolution of outstanding agreements, dismissal of future engagements, and removal from our listing of viable sponsors for future events.

BE a SPONSor & A member

There are a variety of options for organizations to align and sponsor the OS Hackathon community in ways that benefit everyone involved as a contributing member of the ecosystem. We appreciate all of your support.