The value of your Membership

OS Hackathon organizes collaborative events where teams are able to accelerate their transition into new software and hardware technologies. We also partner with groups like Fluid Numerics to provision HPC compute resources that are tailored for each event. Maintaining these compute resources and providing the time & labor necessary to make these events a success comes at a cost, and we rely on our members to make these events possible.

Your Membership includes access to the OS HPC Cluster in addition to a monthly budget of CPU and GPU cycles. Your membership not only funds your usage of the system; it enables OS Hackathon to continue to provide community focused hackathons, mentored-sprints, and workshops throughout the year.

OS HPC Cluster Live Statistics

Single User and Team OS HPC Membership Levels

If you wish to become an OS HPC member, complete the OS HPC Membership application and commit to your contribution to OS Hackathon through Open Collective.

Organization Memberships

We offer a variety of Organization Membership Levels to fit the needs of larger corporate and enterprise contributors. Commercial, Educational and Governmental organizations are encouraged to "sponsor" teams using the Single User and Team OS HPC Membership Levels offered on this page and/or commit to an annual organization membership with additional benefits.