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About OS Hackathon

The Hackathon modality is a development opportunity that reaches beyond the terminal. These events and interactions create relationships that expedite the advancement of computer and data science. Attendees grow personally and professionally. Participation requires team members to face challenges and conquer them. Hackathon alum generally carry behaviors and characteristics that develop during the event.

Our History

OS Hackathon used to be GPU Hackathon, originally seeded by industry partners to develop a sustainable source for HPC application development experiences that benefited all event attendees, mentors and partners. The scope of a GPU hackathon was becoming too narrow, so the decision was made to officially kick off the first OS Hackathon in 2020 alongside the formation of our fiscal host, WATERCHaNGE.

Mission Statement

OS Hackathon is dedicated to nurturing Open Source Hackathon development. We engage to lower and remove barriers of entry to high performance, multi-platform, portable programming. We aim to apply the Hackathon model to the computer science development industry enabling the entire supply chain, from manufacturers to platform providers to end users, exposure and open communication through community driven enhancements and ongoing iteration of the Hackathon process.


This project has been seeded by Fluid Numerics with support from other strategic partnerships in order to grow a community which in turn drives a knowledge base and learning platform for emerging technologies in need of tangible technical interactions and applications to learn and grow from.

We currently maintain a public budget on Open Collective where we track all expenses and transactions for OS Hackathon. All contributions can be made through Open Collective as well.

Attend An Event

If you are part of a team or represent an organization that might sponsor one we encourage you to check our event listings and apply to attend. Teams have benefited greatly from hackathon experiences and many of our attendees return to future events as either attendees or mentors.

Mentor an Event

We encourage seasoned hackers to Join Our Mentor Team in order to pass this knowledge and skill on to fellow participants. This fellowship builds community foundations and expands knowledge deeper and further than possible within a single organization.


Memberships provide a consistent commitment that provides a clear indication of the organization's long term value to the community. By becoming a member or contributing you are extending our ability to reach more with tools for their research. We offer a variety of membership levels for you to choose from including user seats for the OS HPC Cluster and organization memberships.

We receive contributions and donations through Open Collective. If you are a corporation or organization attempting to engage OS Hackathon for an event consider a pledge or a corporate level membership.