Upcoming Events

Planning Now - We are planning to offer a 2022 Hackathon Series built on our knowledge of past and more recent virtual events. Stay tuned or get in touch to learn more about what is coming together for our 2022 Events listings.

Past Events

4/12/21 - 4/16/21 - Boulder, CO - The Spring 2021 HIP Hackathon from OS Hackathon took place virtually between April 12 - 16, 2021. At this event, we had one team in attendance, led by AIMonk Labs’ Renault Fernandes and mentored by Alessandro Fanfarillo (AMD) and Joe Schoonover (Fluid Numerics). At this event, Renault brought the AlexeyAB/darknet with the goal of enhancing portability to AMD GPUs.

4/20/20 - 4/25/20 - Boulder, CO - The Google Cloud Team made an announcement a few weeks ago "Starting April 20, 2020, Cloud Functions will use Google Cloud Build, Container Registry, and Google Cloud Storage to build and store your source code, and deploy container image(s) before running them on Google Cloud." and the OS Team wanted to celebrate this announcement with some edication. Join the Fluid Numerics team at their Boulder Bakery while they livestream a remote containerization hackathon and workshop as Google combines the functionality of Cloud Functions with Google Cloud Build, Container Registry, and GCS.

hosted and organized by & Fluid Numerics

3/11/19 - 3/15/19 - Santa Fe, NM - 8 teams from Los Alamos National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratory, and University of New Mexico Albuquerque with Software applications including atmospheric physics, plasma physics, oceanography, magnetohydrodynamics, and machine learning convened in Santa Fe to port and tune their scientific codes on GPU hardware. 8-10 independent (non-vendor affiliated) GPU experts serving as mentors from industry, universities and other research institutions.

hosted and organized by & Fluid Numerics

6/4/18 - 6/8/18 - Boulder, CO - 10 teams dove deep into performance tuning and GPU hardware porting objectives. Watch this video to hear from the attendees about the benefits and value they find in these events.